Sarabjit Total Income Till Fourth Week

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Sarabjit Total Income Till Fourth Week:

Sarabjit Total Income Till Fourth WeekSarabjit movie is stopped doing business on box office because there is fourth week ended but still movie had poor business on box office which is under 26 crore.The Total business of sarabjit is as follows:

Sarabjit Week One – 18,95,00,000

Sarabjit Week Two – 5,70,00,000

Sarabjit Week Three – 92,00,000

Sarabjit Week Four – 10,00,000 (Four Days)

                                                                              Sarabjit Total Business on box office  – 25,67,00,000

Sarabjit mostly viewed by delhi ,up and east punjab and total collect the 12.50 crore from these cities but this is not a good collection from Randeep hooda and ashwariya rai movie.Over sease busniness of the movie is 1.15 crore.

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